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The Clarity & Confidence Blueprint

inOne-On-One Single Session

This option is for you if you are in need of immediate guidance & support. Or if you are happy and you want to keep the momentum going. This session can also enforce that you are exactly where you’re meant to be and to aid in propelling yourself forward in life. 

During our 3 hour and 33 minutes laser session, I offer you a Tarot reading, I teach you how to use sacred geometry as a blueprint to deliberately create your reality as well as coaching. Our time together will help you gain a deeper understanding of your current situation so you can feel confident to take inspired actions in the direction, that will serve your best interest.


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What People Are Saying…

I had a tarot reading from Thể Oanh coach. She was friendly and professional and was very keen on helping me. Her readings were very accurate, and she could predict the source of the problems I am facing currently and the solution to overcome them. After the reading, I felt very positive, grounded, and had clarity in my thoughts. As she predicted, I could see many good things happening personally and professionally. Her advice and solutions for moving forward in life are working well for me. I highly recommend her service.

Karthik Duraisami

Return To Work Coordinator

Personalized 1:1

Luxury Programs

Guided Soul Searching

Figuring out how to navigate your inner landscape can sometimes feel like you’re walking through a maze, with no hope in sight. In this minimum three months, one-on-one coaching program you can have the peace of mind knowing you no longer have to walk this path alone. 

The Inner Pilgrimage

Congratulations beautiful, you’ve raised your consciousness around Spirituality. Now you’re hungry for more empowering revelations. The Inner Pilgrimage continues as we dive even deeper within your Soul to harness & nurture the fire that will light the way for rest of your life. 

Thy Ever Evolving Self

You’ve been committed to your personal evolution & I honor your dedication, courage & perseverance. Although, you realize you’ve only scratched the surface of your greatness & you’re determined to continue to create a life you love & deserve.

I recently had a tarot reading with Oanh. Oanh is a really lovely young woman with a soft voice and wonderful energy. She prepared for our session by burning sage and meditating. We both started by breathing deeply and relaxing. I was comfortable and totally at ease. Her set up is beautiful with cozy cushions, crystals and stones. I was very happy with my reading with Oanh. She was so positive and has such a calm, soothing voice. It was a pleasure sharing this experience with her.

-Shelly Cameron

Jewelry Designer & Artisan at Mistique Designz

Disclosure Statement:

Before you reach out to me...

IMPORTANT: Please understand my goal is to offer you the most insightful and accurate readings. I ask that you refrain from informing me anything about yourself PRIOR to our meeting. It is important that I do “blind” readings. Which means I want to know nothing about how you have been feeling, how you are doing etc. Not because I don’t care about you but because I do not want any hints of what could possibly be going on in your life. Once we begin the reading we will naturally have a conversation and go with the flow.

Disclosure Statement...

A Tarot professional cannot predict the future with certainty so you should not rely on a tarot reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial and medical condition. Therefore if your inquiry involves the law, finance or medicine, you should consult with a qualified or licensed legal, financial, or medical professional. Furthermore, tarot reading cannot replace qualified mental health care and psychological treatment. A tarot reading can only facilitate how one copes with a given situation in a spiritual sense. Also, be advised that my tarot readings are only offered to those who are of a sound mind and to those who are at least 18 years of age when the reading is requested. In addition, we have no means of guaranteeing that you are at least 18 years of age and are of a sound mind when you request our tarot reading services so by requesting our tarot reading services, you are hereby verifying before us that you are of a sound mind and you are at least 18 years of age at the time when you request our tarot reading services and we are not under any obligation and we have no means to prove your real legal age and whether you are of a sound mind at the time when you request our tarot reading services. Also, if your emotional state is unstable at the time when you request or receive our tarot reading services, wait until your emotional state is calm. Tarot reading should be fun and enjoyable so I will conduct the tarot consultation in such manner. And for your knowledge, an utmost ethical and professional tarot reader should disclose the above said to the clients prior to the reading consultation and at the same time the reader should act in such capacity and offer a fun and enjoyable reading and learning experience to those who seek guidance from the tarot. Indeed, tarot reading can provide the querent with lots of insights.

*Tarot readings by Thể Oanh are spiritual in nature and do not purport to tell the future on your fortune with certainty, cure misfortune, commune supernaturally, or perform any service that would be in conflict with the laws of the land. Your reading is an objective process where cards are drawn, a subjective meaning is placed on those cards per certain reading traditions, and it is believed that such subjective meanings can be a spiritual experience.

Thể Oanh will not be held responsible for any clients/querents actions or decisions made after any meeting or session.

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