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Ever since I can remember I’ve always had an obsession with transformation, whether it be turning words into poetry, blank canvases into masterpieces, turning something ordinary into extraordinary, or helping countless women accentuate their natural beauty with hair & makeup techniques. I consider myself a beauty inside & out, specialist. I live with empathy, awareness, & compassion for all living creatures. My life has taught me invaluable lessons of how to turn my adversities into opportunities, how to work with light & darkness & most importantly to remain ever-evolving. I want to inspire & guide you to do the same in your own special way. I love helping people shift their perspective to evoke good feelings within themselves thus resulting in them performing at a greater level to increase one’s life satisfaction.

My Dedications…

I live my life to honor my beloved brother Alex SpHadez Nguyen, he is my Twin Flame, he is my gateway into the Spirit Realm just as I am his gateway into the Physical World. I know he guides me and works with me, so we can move mountains together.  It has literally taken me blood, sweat, tears & everything in between to get to where I am now. I’m blessed that my life is enriched due to the loving relationships I have with friends & family. I am utterly grateful to have the most amazing people in my circle who truly appreciate me for all my imperfections, who believe in me, support my work & have made a direct impact on helping me build my business, all, so I can answer my calling to guide others in their journey to self-mastery. My fur babies teach me how to love unconditionally, we have the best cuddles. Words cannot possibly express how thankful I am to everyone & and everything that has played a critical role in my existence.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Love Always, 

Thể Oanh


What Others Are Saying…

As I have come to know this precious soul named Oanh, I have come to know the depth of her heart. She is sincerely interested in the welfare of others. She expresses her self with transparency. She lives a life of selfless servitude for the highest good of all. Her heart is one of the kindest I ever encountered. The highest good of the collective consciousness, the highest good of the relatives of the human realms in their physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial well being. Her nurturing spirit for all our relations, (the winged ones, the 4 legged, the swimmers, the crawlers, Earth Mother, Grandmother Ocean and all sentient beings). Oanh’s compassion and empathy runs deeper than most care givers I know, and I know a lot of 2 legged that exist in for this purpose. Oanh is a cut above. I’m certain she is an ancient soul, that has done most of her work in past lives so she can exist to the highest service of others. I see her as a living Bodhisattva who has entered the higher levels of enlightenment.

Einstein said: “The highest aspiration of the human spirit is to be of service to others” This is my experience of Oanh. Love and acceptance is what I experience around her. I leave my time with her feeling nourished and empowered. I see her as a guide in this world no matter what she is involved with. She is moving forward in the highest good of all, and that you can take to the bank. She has a knack for intuitive guidance. She senses inside her being whether a project will work or not. She makes very sound decisions in her life. If she is to make a suggestion for others, it is my advice to follow her suggestions as my experience her decisions have been sound. We have shared sacred space in multiple times and she carries the ceremony into her every day life. She knows sacred as it exists in her in a big way.

These come from my heart as I sit in stillness to ask the divine for the words that can best express my experience with Oanh. The only thing I feel that has any feeling other than spiritual splendor, is that I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my precious sister as I would like. Perhaps that’s selfish, but I see her spirit, I see who she is at her essence. Truly a manifestation of the divine sent to this world to light this realm up. When she moves on to other realms, she will do the same whatever realm she travels as her innocence can conquer any adversity.

When Oanh speaks, I listen intently, as I know her words are sacred and spoken with love to create beauty in this world. Oanh walks on our Earth Mother in beauty, she carries herself in beauty, she works in service to others in beauty. I have seen her working with those who are less fortunate, and she cater to them in a way that warms my heart just thinking of it.

Even in business, she looks for how the business will help others. Rarely do I hear her speak of what it can do for her. This is almost unheard of in business. She is a conscious being speaking her truth in ways that land softly in the hearts of others. I welcome the universe to open a way we can work together to help others in good ways. She moves with sacred intentions in this life. Each step creating ripples of life through her personal resonant frequencies of love.

I am so proud my chosen family. What a blessing she has been in my life. I chose well with this Oanh.

Vince Wishart

Oanh Love. What a fitting name for her Mission here on Earth. The moment I met her I knew how special she was. Her sweet smile and knowing eyes gave me hope for the future I too see. A world of Peace. A world of Kindness. A world of awaken souls making a difference in their human experiences. You are just that, Oanh. A gifted Light Worker being birthed into a world of conditioning’s and Fear, with the courage to be the true leader you’re born to be.

Even though the moments we have shared were brief and seldom, it’s the depth Oanh and I go within our short interactions.

Oanh has demonstrated her gifts which all stem from Love. And have had intuitive visions of my future that have now come to fruition. She made connections with a loved one of mine who had passed, and gave such serenity and peace to blessing him as well as myself and my family during the difficult times of transition. She has encouraged me to jump and performed a spontaneous dance piece we presented to our close friends in the park while it rained upon us.

My life has been blessed by your beauty. I respect what you do and more than that I believe in you, Oanh. I believe you are here to change the world in what you make of it. And I am honored to witness your story bloom as your journey continues. Thank you for all the work you do.


Belle Taneda

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