Journaling For The Soul

I was featured in Authority Magazine and gave my 5 favorite tips on how you can implement journaling into your life to enhance your human experience. Watch this quick video and please share your favorite practices or any questions & comments you may have. Thank you for being here with me.

Blessed Be,

Thể Oanh 

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I created a simple health planner to help you keep track of your daily activities. Having a self-care routine is vital to keeping us energized, happy, fit & of course healthy. Make sure you check your spam folder for your gift and keep an eye out for my emails because I’ll be sending out occasional newsletters with inspirational messages, tools, resources & more freebies as I create them. Let’s rise together, beauty!

The Flower Of Life

Sacred Geometry Is The Language Of The Universe, Or Dare I Say, The Language Of The Multiverse. Here Is A Glimpse Into What We Have Come To Know About The Flower Of Life. Which Is The Geometrical Shape I Use To Guide My Clients Through A Multidimensional Tranformation, For Spiritual Alignment, Total Life Balance & Greater Satisfaction.

Currently, I am going through one of the most challenging times in my life. I reached out to Oanh to give me a Tarot reading in search of some clarity. Oanh sets the setting in a deeply spiritual, safe, beautiful way. She prepares you physically & emotionally to be in a space to be open to what the Universe is telling you. Oanh reads the cards with such emotional accuracy that I felt deep trust for what the cards asked of me. It helped me clarify truths in my soul, gave me some direct guidance to where to go and calm for the storms to come.

-Heather Nguyen

Super Mom, Wife and Graphic Designer

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