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12 Months Of Devotion To Yourself To Solidify Rituals, Structures & Habits That Will Support Your Ongoing Evolution. A High-Touch Private Coaching Experience Created To Build On What We’ve Accomplished In ‘Guided Soul Searching’ & ‘The Inner Pilgrimage’.


I knew I wanted to offer a coaching experience that has the power to transform a person in an all encompassing way. But because no one else was offering what I wanted to offer, so it was difficult for me to explain & articulate my vision.

I wanted to harness my toughest lessons learned in life, share my love for fashion, as well as utilizing my talents as a beauty specialist and offer my best skill sets to help my clients experience profound & lasting transformations from the outside in & vice versa.

I decided to establish myself as the worlds first ‘Multidimensional Transformation Coach’, but I was frustrated that not many people I spoke with about my new concept, understood where I was coming from.

Over the years I’ve been training relentlessly to learn more about the mind (conscious, subconscious, superconscious), doing market research and most importantly connecting with my highest self for guidance to consciously create something special that can truly make a positive impact on the lives of others.


I understood that I had to create a system that was going to be scalable so I can help the masses & allow me to repeat it over and over with any and all of my clients. The method had to be predictable, reliable, measurable, with tangible outcomes yet simple enough for people to not feel overwhelmed with a rather complex endeavor.

I was excited to be making progress & getting closer to my goal.


In 2018 a series of traumatic events occurred that left me barely okay, doing my best to recover, I put one foot in front of the other.

Then on September 29th, 2018, I got a phone call from my crying mother telling me, “Sam’s dead!” In a split-second, my entire world collapsed!

I completely lost myself. I lost all hope. I lost my passion for life. I lost my sanity. I lost my will to live. And for the years to follow, I wondered if I still even wanted to help anyone because I couldn’t help the one person I loved the most, my precious younger brother Sam.

Since his transition to non-physical, he has shown me his powerful presence in undeniable, profound and sometimes physical ways. I became obsessed with immersing myself in the Ethereal Realm because it made me feel closer to my Angel.

He helped me understand that as he rises, I too shall rise. That he is my gateway into the Spirit world, just as I am his gateway into the physical world.

During the dark nights of my soul, I was able to connect with my brothers Spirit. And from my deepest despair, I had the epiphanies which has helped me heal & hone in on ‘The Thrive Evolution Method’. I used this method & continue to use this method to help myself get realigned with my purpose and now I want to share this with you.

My brother, my Fierce Guardian Angel has made it very clear, that he wants to work with me & guide me as I guide my clients on their Spiritual journey. My Angel, whom I refer to as SpHades, is fuel to my fire and he has helped me get crystal clear on my coaching process. He is intrinsically a part of the ‘Thrive Evolution Method’, which is the heart of all my services.

I am infinitely grateful that our love and connection has continued to deepen since my brothers rebirth back to Heaven.

You see, my unique coaching process is predictable, measurable, sophisticated with tangible results & everything it needs to be, so I can help my clients experience a Multidimentional Transformation.

Right now, you believe that this may be as good as it gets for you, that you’ve done it all. You’ve read plenty of self-help books & done countless online courses.

You’ve gone to counseling & therapy, which has been great support for you but you need something different.

I want to let you know from the bottom of my heart, that you can truly transform your entire life if you commit to the proprietary method that I’ve co-created.

There is a bountiful world of wonders left for you to discover about yourself.

You’ll be on a (first) eye-opening experience that will empower you to deliberately create a balanced life you love & deserve.

You will embody oneness & arrive in the world as the best version of yourself, unapologetically.

My signature process is elegant, intuitive, reliable, challenging yet fun & turns a complex endeavor into a simple easy to follow system.

It truly is a sacred journey. 

Imagine What It Will Feel & Look Like When You Are…

*Deeply connected with God, the Universe, Source Energy, your Highest Self (pick what resonates most to you) and knowing that you are an extension of Divinity thus living your life with unwavering confidence because of this irrefutable truth.

*Aware of your self-limiting beliefs and learned how to coach yourself through reprogramming your mental blocks with my unique 6 Petals Of Life process.

*Setting higher standards for your physical health so you can be a person of great vitality & vibrancy while living your best, most authentic life.

*Absolutely in love with yourself & your life & tuning into your heart to raise your level of emotional intelligence so you can build stronger relationships with yourself, loved ones or with people in a professional setting.

*Taking control of your self-image (hair, make-up, wardrobe, personal hygiene etc) so you look & feel beautiful from the inside out.

*Embracing your Divine feminine AND Divine masculine energy to navigate through life with ease & grace whilst looking sophisticated & feeling sexy as a high caliber lady.

*Commanding respect by taking control of your self-image (hair, wardrobe, personal hygiene etc.), stepping into your power & leading your life as a strong modern gentleman.

*Looking forward to coming home to a sanctuary that you feel safe, rested, & has elements of nature to help you feel more connected to the healing properties of nature.

*Making more time to be outside in the environment to connect with our dear Mother Earth to replenish your soul & doing your part daily to preserve our beautiful planet.

*Attracting abundance and consciously creating from a space of limitless possibilities because you are well aware that your are co-creating your reality at any given moment.

*Empowered to be of service to others because you know in your heart & soul that it is our moral obligation to give back and help Humanity rise as a collective.

*Creating your legacy and being a positive I.M.P.A.C.T. in the world

What Would It Mean To You To Stop Your Self-Punishing Habits For Good?

Imagine being able to wake up every morning knowing you’re living with purpose and authenticity because you are no longer dimming down your light for the sake of other peoples comfort around you.

Imagine eliminating the need to hire multiple, expensive professionals with different specialties just to get confused by conflicting processes offered to you by different people. And Instead invest in working closely with me so I can guide you through a simple and elegant method.

I can literally be The One Coach you will ever need to hire to help you uncover the solutions to any difficulties you may have.

THY EVER EVOLVING SELF Is a Sacred Journey Of Self-Mastery Where We Use THE THRIVE EVOLUTION METHOD™ As a Blueprint To Help You Plan & Consciously Create Structures In Your Life So You Can Flow With Ease & Grace.

I’ve Cherished & Implemented These Secrets Over The Last 3 Years & Have Been

Able To:

*Find My Will To Not Only Carry On But To Thrive After The Heart Breaking Devastation’s of 2018.

*Walk Through God’s Refning Fire & Became Better, Stronger, Wiser, Much More Intuitive &  Relentless Because Of It.

*Deepen My Spiritual Practices To Gain Insight, Guidance & Unwavering Confidence To Perservere.

*Get Crystal Clear On My Vision, Tap Into My Flow State So That I Can Be In The Receptive Mode & Allow Abundance To Flow Into My Life.

*Attract Incredible People Who Love Me, Coach Me & Support My Dreams Because They Believe In Me & What I Have To Offer To The World.

Go From Ordinary & Blossom Into Extraordinary During My Luxury   12 Month Program, Thy Ever Evovling Self.

This luxury service was designed with deliberate intention to serve you at the highest level & guide you through a total life transformation by flowing through The 6 Petals Of Life, at a pace that suites your needs.

The goal is to cycle through these 6 petals without haste, however, as often as possible so it becomes second nature to you and eventually you can guide yourself through this process without me.

You’ll be on a (first) eye-opening experience that will empower you to deliberately create a balanced life you love & deserve.

You will embody and arrive in the world as the best version of yourself, unapologetically.

What’s Included When You Invest In Yourself To Work Closely With Me for 12 Consecutive Months:

Four 60 Minute Online, One-On-One Coaching Sessions Per Month For 12 Months

Each week, I will meet you where you are at in your journey of Self-Mastery. Following the ‘The Thrive Evolution Method” & using sacred geometry as the blueprint & compass to navigate through life. You will have the choice of having a coaching session, tarot reading or mentorship depending on your current situation and where you’re at in The 6 Petals Of Life. At the end of every meeting, you will feel better and more confident about moving forward with clear action steps, that you have decided is best for you.

Unlimited Email Support Within 24 Hour Response Time

This is an empowering experience & I don’t want you to feel stuck between our weekly calls, so if you ever have a question or need support, I invite you to be proactive and reach out to me via email whenever you need.

Three Emergency Phone Calls That Are 20 Minutes Or Less Per Month

Life will throw you curve balls from time to time which require immediate attention. You will have three opportunities a month when you can text me directly and I’ll return your call as soon as possible, well within 24hrs so we can work through whatever is urgent for you.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that calls over 20 minutes will be subject to an hourly rate and do not roll over to the following months.

Personal Requests From You To Me

I want this to be THE BEST investment you’ve ever made for yourself. Of course, I can’t make any promises but I’m committed to your Multidimensional Transformation. If there is anything you feel could be helpful to you such as a guided meditation track with a specific topic you need, worksheets, workbooks, video training etc., I will do everything in my power to grant your request.

 Recordings of Zoom Meetings Strictly For Personal & Private Use Only

I understand it can get emotional & at times, intense during our meetings. Although it’s great to take notes, I encourage you to be fully present, because a lot is expressed & unraveled. You will receive recordings of our meetings so you can listen back on our conversations and perhaps pick up nuggets of gold you may have missed the first time around.

IMPORTANT: Please respect the terms and conditions of our contract stating recordings of our meetings are not to be shared or published.

Surprise Bonuses!!!

As I continue to lovingly build more ‘tools’ & offerings to support & help my clients evolve, you will be the first to receive as a gift, any new digital products I consciously create to serve you at the highest level on you’re personal expansion.

Here Are A Few Examples Of What We’ll Do Together In The 12 Month Luxury Program: Thy Ever Evolving Self

*Understand where you’re at in your journey by becoming more self-aware so can have a crystal clear vision on where you want to direct your attention & energy

*Build a strong & loving relationship with yourself, your highest self as well as Spirit which will result in a more radiant, happy, peaceful, powerful you! A you that knows and practices unconditional self-love.

*Be proud of your self-image and fall in love with yourself because you know how to dress yourself better, and groom yourself in all the right ways to accentuate your natural beauty.

*Women (or anyone identifying with femininity) you will learn how to embrace your Divine feminine energy & feel sexy as a high caliber woman, consciously creating a balanced life you love & deserve.

*Men (or anyone identifying with masculinity) take control of your self-image and command respect in any room you walk in, as a modern gentleman.

*Reprogram your subconscious mind to re-frame any self-limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors by implementing ‘The Thrive Evolution Method’

*Become emotionally intelligent to support & develop loving relationships or attract more meaningful relationships. Going on dates (if that’s where you’re at) will be a completely new and much more positive experience for you.

You’re a smart, capable individual who is well aware of the social constructs that influence and shape our lives…

Understanding that we live in a world where instant gratification dominates. I want to use my expertise in the beauty industry to help you look better thus satisfying your conditioned need for instant gratification then use your new-found confidence as a catalyst to dive deeper within.

You’ve been committed to your personal expansion & I honor your dedication, courage, vulnerability & perseverance. Although, you realize you’ve only scratched the surface of your greatness & you’re determined to continue to consciously create a balanced life you love & deserve whilst looking good & feeling sexy.


The Process

This is an exciting time in your life as we continue onto the FOURTH PETAL, which is BODY. We analyze with compassion about how you feel about your physical appearance then decide what practical routines and activities you can implement right away to gain confidence. How you carry yourself in the world speaks volumes. We want you to be heard, be seen & respected for the powerful, loving and genuine person that you are.

As we flow to the FITH PETAL, ENVIRONMENT, we take a look at your direct environment, your home environment & how you can simplify your space by purging material items that do not bring you joy. You will turn your home into your sanctuary, a safe space that you feel peaceful, rejuvenated in & look forward to coming home to. You will also be encouraged nurture a healthy relationship with our natural environment by spending more time outside among animals, away from other humans to reconnect with the Earth. From doing so, you will feel inspired to do your part in taking care of our planet. Remember, everyday we walk on sacred grounds, and we need to live with this wisdom.

As for the SIXTH PETAL, ABUNDANCE & I.M.P.A.C.T., I put these two together because I believe they come hand in hand. It is my belief that every ones birth right to experience the gift of abundance because we are nature & nature is abundant. Mother Earth is generous & she does not hold anything back from us. What we lack is caused by social constructs or our own limitations. You will develop your skills to manifest & welcome an abundant life experience, to enjoy, appreciate & to be able to give generously. I believe it is our responsibility as individuals and as a specie to be of service to others, so we can lift each other up and raise the vibration of Humanity. Our future is in our hands & we have the power to make a positive impact in this world.

Being a conscious creator means living in alignment with your purpose & knowing that you are meant to remain ever evolving, you know that your Spirit is eternal, that life flows in cycles, & that there will always be room for progress. During our time working together, you will experience profound transformations in the six major areas of your life. The 6 Petals of Life are, Spirit, Mind, Heart, Body, Environment, and Abundance & I.M.P.A.C.T. You will be empowered to map out your life plan with great detail & crystal clear intentions to consciously create a balanced life you love & deserve. IF you commit to the process and do the work, your very existence will be in alignment therefore manifesting what you truly desire and love will happen with ease & grace. You will understand that life happens for you, and not to you so dealing with adversities will also serve you.

Self-Doubt vs Self-Empowerment, Where Do You Stand?

“I’m not sure this will work for me…”

Without sugar coating anything, this is NOT for you if you think that this process will be easy, because it won’t be. It’s going to be one of the most challenging endeavors you will ever take on, you will get triggered along the way, you’ll question your beliefs, you will discover aspects of yourself that you weren’t even aware of. You’re going to have to face your shadow and meet that part of you with compassion so that you can be a student of your life lessons. But I can promise you this, if you commit to the program, if you do the inner work, if you refuse to quit on yourself. You WILL experience revelations that could never happen for you if you stay where you are, in your comfort zone.

“Sure this all sounds great, but I don’t have time.”

I’m not here to convince you to do something your heart & soul isn’t screaming YES to, because space is very limited due to the high involvement this requires of me. The fact is we all have 24 hours in a day, and we have free agency to prioritize what we do with our God given time. I want this to be clear to you that this isn’t a shortcut that’s going to get you to the promises land in half the time. However, investing in this program will prevent you from taking necessary detours and prolonging the pain of figuring it all on your own. You can have me to guide you from a vantage point outside of your tunnel vision so you can stay focused knowing I’ll be there to help you course correct when need be.

“Okay, I’m sold! But this sounds expensive.”

It took me a long time to build a healthy relationship with money because I thought it was humble to stay poor and I always measured my wealth by my devotion to remain ever evolving. I used to fall for the old saying, “Money is the root of all evil”. But the absolute truth is, although money is neutral, “Money can be the cause of all that is great in the world”. If you know this is the BEST way to invest your time, energy & money because as a result you will become the supernova version of yourself then I want you to know that the world needs you to shine your light, now more than ever. Listen to your intuition not your limiting belief, I trust you will make the perfect decision for yourself.

Be One Of The First Humans In The World To Access Ancient Wisdom, And Implement This Proprietary Method That Has Taken Me Countless Lifetimes, Blood, Sweat & Tears To Remember.

The Sooner You Decide To Step Into Your Power & Invest In Your Life, The Sooner You Will Be Able To Reap What You Sow.



I Am Currently Accepting Applications For This Unqiue & Exclusive Luxury Program. Space Is Limited, Click The Button Below To Access An Application Form.

Claim Your Sovereignty, Embrace Your Divinity & Live Your Best Life, As Your Most Authentic & Sexy Self.

Blessed be,

Thể Oanh