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The Inner Pilgrimage



I See You & I Feel You…

I know you are strong & you’ve been keeping your chin up when times get tough, it’s exhausting sometimes and you know having someone who truly understands you can make all the difference in the world.

I know that you’re a giver and putting others first is one of your best qualities, but you realize and want to put yourself first for once. To actually have someone in your corner, who’s sole purpose is to support you in actualizing your dreams & desires.

I know that you set high standards for yourself when achieving your goals, you are relentless & committed to turning your visions into reality but when it comes to your own well-being & self-worth, you know that you’re cutting yourself short.

I know, that you know, you are so much more than you’ve been allowing others to see, sure you’ve been putting your best foot forward, with the condition that you stay within your comfort zone.

I know that you have a grand vision for your life and how you look & feel in it, but you’re so busy with your overflowing plate, that you tend to neglect yourself from time to time and you want to put an end to that because you deserve more attention, love & nurturing.

I know you’re yearning to have your transformation & ready to blossom into the wholeness of who you are, you can feel it in the depths of your heart & soul, in every cell of your body and with each passing day that feeling grows stronger & more undeniable.


The Inner Pilgrimage

6 Month Private Mentorship

A six-month, high touch, heart centered, private coaching experience created to build on what we’ve accomplished in the first 3 months of ‘Guided Soul Searching’ which was all about the FIRST PETAL, Spirit.

Congratulations beautiful Divine Soul, you’ve attuned to your Spirituality. Now you’re hungry for more empowering revelations. ‘The Inner Pilgrimage’ continues as we dive even deeper within your Soul to harness & nurture the fire that will light the way for rest of your life.


The Process

We will begin to explore the SECOND PETAL, your MIND (conscious, subconscious & superconscious) to help you re-frame limiting thoughts into powerful beliefs that will serve your greatest good & others. We also explore the THIRD PETAL, your HEART, which will cover everything from self-love, to love for others, emotional intelligence, and what you love to do. Essentially, any matters of the heart that you wish to explore, we will cover. This can impact how you behave in romantic relationships & help you up level the way you interact with people you care about.

You & I will work through any limiting beliefs that may & likely arise. You will be empowered to consciously create a practical plan using sacred geometry, to propel you forward in life. We will explore using ‘The Thrive Evolution Method’ & NLP techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind so that you can use the power of your subconsciousness to work FOR you. Depending on how you progress, we will discuss & uncover the Superconscious awareness.

Some Key Benefits:

  • Everything from ‘Guided Soul Searching’

  • Be able to identify & connect with your soul family

  • Make easy decisions in alignment with your heart

  • Stress release & all that no longer serves you

  • Access your immanent wisdom & allow Divine creativity to graciously flow through you

  • Develop unwavering confidence & courage to achieve whatever you take consistent & inspired action on

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to re-frame any self-limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors by implementing ‘The Thrive Evolution Method’

  • Prioritized self-care and self-love rituals to help you gain even more confidence

  • Become emotionally intelligent to support & develop loving relationships or attract more meaningful relationships

DISCLAIMER: Please note that benefits may vary and are not limited to results stated above. There are no guarantees due to the nature of this process. The more you commit to your personal evolution, the more you will increase your satisfaction with your results & the life YOU CONSCIOUSLY CREATE for yourself.

The Details


    • Four 60 minute online, one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions per month

    • Recordings of zoom meetings, strictly for personal & private use only 
    • Unlimited email support within 24 hour response time

    • TWO Emergency phone call that is 20 minute or less per month

    • Personalized coaching & guidance to support you where ever you are in your life journey

    IMPORTANT: Please be advised that calls over 20 minutes will be subject to an hourly rate and do not roll over to the following months.

    I’ll Be The Bearer Of Great News For you,

    This is where I can enter your life…

    It would be an honor and joy for me to get to know you & understand what makes your heart sing, so I can coach, guide and encourage you to follow your bliss. You are a beaming star, stop dimming it down for the sake of others. Embrace your Divinity and let there be light.

    The choice is yours.

    Blessed be,

    Thể Oanh Coach

    Say YES To Yourself, And Get Started.